Using LED Lights During the Fall to Retrofit Your Business and Improve Safety

Fall is a time of changing foliage and a trek toward the frigid nights of winter. Although the gradual declining daylight hours during the fall allude to the holidays’ arrival, they may be the harbinger of injuries and added costs to your business. Instead of focusing solely on holiday sales, think about these three reasons fall is perfect for retrofitting your business with LED lights to improve safety.

1. LED Lights Improve Safety of Your Walkways

Low-light in outdoor and indoor customer areas might be excellent for relaxing, but it can increase risk of falls. According to Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA), environmental hazards, such as cluttered walkways or those with poor lighting, increase slip-and-fall risk for both customers and employees. Since the days grow shorter as fall progresses, upgrading to LED lights can reduce slip-and-fall risk for customers and employees alike. Besides, LED lights can help your customers find your business easier during the holiday festivities.

2. High Lumen LED Lights Counteract the Body’s Natural Release of Melatonin as Night Falls

Bright lights, including blue light from electronic devices, reduce the release of melatonin during evening hours, explains Healthline. While this might help people with morning jobs get more sleep, businesses operating through the evening can use high-lumen LED lights to encourage alertness and better customer service among their staff. In addition, businesses have the option to change the color rendering index of LED lights to reduce the amount of blue light emitted as the evening progresses.

3. Less Heat Loss From LED Lights Reduces Risk for Burns

Incandescent lights consume more energy than LED lights as more energy is transformed to heat and released. If a customer touches an incandescent light by accident, the heat of the bulb can cause a second or third degree burn within seconds. In addition, heat from incandescent lights could cause a fire if dry leaves, fall décor or heavy clothing, such as coats or sweaters, touch its surface. As a result, your business may need to pay higher premiums for liability insurance, if not face continued litigation by an injured customer or employee. LED lights consume up to 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and most of the energy is converted to light, not heat, reports the U.S. Department of Energy. Thus, LEDs simultaneously reduce risk and energy costs in your business.

Enjoy Continued Business During the Fall With LED Lights

Cost-effective LED lights use a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional, incandescent bulbs. From increased productivity through task lighting to better illumination of walkways and customer areas, LED lights are key to ensuring the vitality of your business this fall. Learn more about upgrading your existing lighting systems with high lumen, flexible LED light strips by visiting MX today.