Why Use LED Drivers Rather Than Electronic Transformers?

LED lights are an excellent addition to a home or business setting, but the key to achieving the perfect light-balance in your setting lies in using the proper power supply. There are two dominant types of power supplies available for LED lights, LED drivers and electronic transformers. However, these power supplies may not necessarily be interchangeable, and you need to understand why using LED drivers may be a better choice than electronic transformers.

How Are LED Drivers Different From Electronic Transformers?

LED drivers function. By providing a consistent voltage to the LED light strip, and the current supplied to the LED lighting setup changes to allow for dimming or adjusting the color rendering index (CPI), which changes the perceived view of the light. Electronic transformers work in a similar fashion to LED drivers, but they tend to allow for larger output power. In other words, long-length strips of LED lights may require a power supply in excess of 200 W, and since LED drivers may be limited in power output to 100 or 200 W, an electronic transformer may be needed.

When Should LED Drivers Be Used?

LED drivers are often seen as the superior power supply for LED lights due to their increase safety and ability to maintain the integrity of LED lights, reports LEDs Magazine. An LED driver ensures the output wattage is consistent, and changes in the pulse frequency within the driver make the LED dimmable. LED drivers should be used for small LED light setups. However, multiple LED drivers may be installed to use for power sources for multiple LED setups.

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Can an Electronic Transformer Handle Small LED Lighting Applications?

An electronic transformer can typically handle the same size LED lighting applications as LED drivers. Additionally, some manufacturers may produce, difficult-to-hide electronic transformers. However, MX LightForce offers a full lineup of low-voltage lighting transformers not can be used in residential, commercial or industrial LED light setups. In addition, an electronic transformer may be used when a combination of LED lighting and halogen lighting applications exists.

What About Dimming and Lifespan of LEDs Using LED Drivers or Electronic Transformers?

Depending on the specifications of your LED light strip or lighting setup, and LED driver or electronic transformer may be used. But, LED drivers are the preferred choice for ensuring optimum dimmability and extended lifespan of LEDs. Moreover, newer electronic transformers also allow for TRIAC dimming.

Select the Right Power Supply for Your LED Lighting Needs

The LED market is changing, and the days of selecting a specific LED driver or electronic transformer are ending. To ensure your LED lighting needs are met and maintain safety and integrity, make sure your LED lighting setup uses either the proper LED driver or electronic transformer. Otherwise, select your power supply from appropriate LED drivers and electronic transformers by visiting MX LightForce.com, or let an expert help you by filling out the online contact form to have a representative get in touch with you today.