The Top 7 Applications for LED Tapelights/LED Strips

LED tapelights/strips are among the most in-demand lights in the market today. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, this is due to low heat emissions, setting the direction of light and maximizing space. LED tapelights several uses, limited only by the imagination! Some of their most dominant and striking applications, including architectural uses, include the following.

1. Path Lighting With LED Tapelights Reduce Risk of Injury

The LED lights reduce the risk of injury on pathways in the dark

Safety is a top priority for businesses and private citizens alike. LED tapelights can illuminate the darkest, most winding paths. They are suitably durable in the elements; for example, the high-lumen flexible LED strip can be used to light pathways, covers in your business, translucid stones, or even indirect lighting for other outdoor areas.

2. LED Tapelight Signs Stand Out

The LED lights draw attention due to their brightness

Signage is another major application for LED tapelights. LEDs provide a stark contrast in signage colors and design, drawing more attention to whatever they are marking (businesses, areas). Unlike traditional, incandescent lighting in signs, LED tapelights continue functioning even if one diode fails – therefore, businesses can ensure maximum visibility of signs without worry.

LED Lightstrips room

3. Accent Lighting to Draw Attention to Architecture or Displays

The LED lights draw attention to architecture or displays – accent lighting

LED tapelights create unique landscapes or “room-scapes” by simply changing the direction of the strip to highlight a specific aspect. This draws attention to whichever side or angle best highlights the focus. For example, changing the direction of the strip in retail shelving can make products more aesthetically appealing, helping drive better sales.

4. Task Lighting to Improve Focus

The LED lights improve focus through task lighting

In businesses and homes, LED light strips can provide superior task lighting, helping staff members get more completed and stay focused. In the home, task lighting in the garage can increase safety and deter burglars from the area.

5. Recreational Lighting in Boats, RVs, Vehicles and More!

The LED lights can be used as recreational vehicle lighting

LED tapelights are extremely versatile and therefore commonly used in recreational vehicles. Flexible LED strips can bring light to a vehicle’s undercarriage, dashboard, floorboard and everywhere in better. Using tapelights in RVs can reduce energy drain on batteries or generators and help families keep the indoor temperature comfortable. These lights also make excellent accent or task lighting in boats, perfect for fishing or enjoying a night on the water.

6. Under-Cabinet Lighting Makes Spending Time in the Kitchen Enjoyable Again

The LED lighting can be used as under-cabinet lighting

Like task lighting, under-cabinet installation of flexible LED light strips can help people fine tune recipes and improve food safety. For example, being able to see raw foods or unsafe liquids on a countertop can help the chef or home cook avoid cross contamination.

7. Backlighting for Light-Sensitive Areas or Products

The LED lighting are effective as backlighting for light sensitive areas/ products

Products and materials with light sensitivity, like spirits, wines, and beers, represent another great way to use LED tapelights. Due to their low intensity and adjustable settings, LED strip lights to extend the shelf-life of light-sensitive products – for companies selling light-sensitive products, this can mean thousands of savings in a year.

These applications represent only a fraction of the possibilities with LED tapelights. Let your imagination run wild in how you decide to use them!. Visit MX to find out more about how Flexible LED strips can shine a light on your next project.

Bring your next application to life with LED lighting today!