Your Guide to LED Lighting Transformers

LED lighting transformers, or LED transformers, are a type of power supply used for LED lighting fixtures, strips, and designs. Although the name sounds like a high-voltage electrical system, modern LED transformers are often low-voltage and offer superior performance for joint LED and halogen designs or extensive LED lighting setups. Follow the below steps to ensure you select the right LED power supply for your project.

Consider Installation Factors When Selecting From Available LED Lighting Transformers

The simplest factor to consider goes back to ease of installation. LED lighting transformers may require a few additional steps during installation to hide the larger transformer casing. However, modern LED transformers are relatively small, so hiding the box under the cabinet or in another recessed area may be easier than you realize. For commercial applications, LED lighting transformer installation may also require a licensed professional complete the wiring, depending on local, state and federal code regulations.

Determine if LED Lighting Transformers Are Right for Your Application

mxlightforce lighting transformerLED drivers are well-suited for small, shorter LED light setups, but LED transformers can handle both small and large setups. Moreover, using a transformer is ideal for business and homeowners seeking to expand LED lighting use in the future. In other words, LED lighting transformers are made to handle longer LED light strip lengths. Therefore, if you plan to increase LED strip length, use an LED lighting transformer from the start.

Consider the Type of LED Bulbs, Fixtures or Strip Used

Sometimes, combining LED bulbs, halogen lights, flexible LED strips and other devices may be necessary to achieve your desired look. However, LED drivers may not be able to handle the necessary current variances to power such combinations. Thus, a LED lighting transformer is the better solution. Similarly, LED lighting setups that run for extended periods may benefit from the added safety and integrity in an enclosed LED lighting transformer.

How Many Transformers Do You Need?

Even LED lighting transformers have limits. For example, MX LightForce LED lighting transformers have a maximum power output of 300 watts. As a result, the maximum strip length must be equal to or less than the strip’s combined wattage requirement. If additional length is desired, it may be necessary to add a second or third transformer to your setup. As an added safety precaution, MX LightForce LED lighting transformers also contain two circuit breakers to protect the load and transformer. In other words, you get double the protection for your LED lights.

Get the Most of Your LED Lighting Investment With Quality LED Lighting Transformers

The cost of LED lighting is typically higher than the costs of buying and installing traditional, incandescent lighting. However, the added costs are worth it when considering LEDs use up to 80-percent less energy and may last up to 25-times longer than their predecessors, asserts the U.S. Department of Energy. The key to maximizing your LED investment is ensuring you have the right transformer, wiring, and setup working together properly. Instead of letting the opportunity for error take hold, consider working with an experienced LED partner, like MX Start your next LED lighting project by contacting MX online or calling 1 (800) 624-0863 today.