What Are High Lumen Flex Strips?

Are you thinking about installing new lighting for your business or commercial space? With added pressure on businesses to go “Green,” it is easy to get wrapped up in the details of energy-efficient lighting, reports Diane Cardwell of The New York Times. Rather than getting lost in the conversation and fine print, take a moment to get to know LED high lumen flex strips and why they are the better choice for your next lighting project.

What Exactly Are MX LightForce High Lumen Flex Strips?

MX LightForce High Lumen Flexible LED Strip Lighting is a new LED strip that can be used as functional and task lighting, depending on what application is sought. With a minimal input voltage of 24 volts, high lumen flex strips produce up to 1,200 lumens per square foot and are designed and assembled in the USA.

High Energy Conservation Makes High Lumen Light Strips Affordable and Cost-Effective

High lumen flexible LED strips deliver the same amount of light, known as lumens, while taking up one-third of the length of traditional LED strips. Each LED produces 40 lumens individually, and 30.48 LEDs per foot of strip length provide excellent lighting in all business settings.

Cuttable Segments Make Customized Installation Faster and Easier

Although pre-wired with 18AWG wires, the high lumen strip is cuttable every 1.57 inches. Simply cut the wires on the marked areas, and solder wires back at the noted, extra-large solder pads.

Constant Current Regulator Controls Improve Safety and Life Expectancy

A constant current regulator ensures stability and immediate brightness of all LEDs upon activation. A 90+ color rendering index (CRI) ensures accurate color rendering, allowing for adjusting of yellowish, warm light to bluish, cool light, depending on preference.

IP20 Rating Maximizes Durability

This LED flexible strip has an IP20 rating. This ensures maximum protection against the entry of solid objects to the strip’s composition, enhancing durability and prolonging the lifespan of the strip.

Discover the Ease and Benefits of Using High Lumen Flex Strips in Your Business Today

High lumen flex strips are among the top-performing lighting systems available today. They come in customized lengths, and adjusting the size by cutting and soldering lengths makes them ideal for use in your business or home. Before diving into the world of energy-efficient lighting for your next project, choose high lumen flexible strips first. Visit MX LightForce.com to connect with a representative to start your order, or give us a call at 1 (800) 624-0863 today.