8 New Applications of a High Lumen Flex Strip

The popularity of LEDs is increasing at a phenomenal rate. According to Business Wire, the U.S. LED market, including high lumen flex strip LEDs, is projected to grow to more than $7.93 billion by the end of 2022, reflecting a 7.88% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR). Powered by the energy-efficiency standards of LEDs, applications of the high lumen flex strip vary on a per-business and per-use basis. While the top general LED applications have been discussed in a previous blog post, let’s take a closer look at a few other applications of high lumen flex strips in business.

1. Use a High Lumen Flex Strip to Accent Your Business Entrance

It can be hard for new customers to know exactly where to go when visiting your business for the first time. Use a high lumen flex strip to showcase your entrance or to add light to promotional signage. It saves money on energy costs and promotes your business simultaneously.

2. Evenly Distribute Light in Consumer or Employee Areas

Safety is a top priority for all businesses, and high lumen LED light strips evenly distribute light in consumer or employee areas without adding glare or unnecessary heat.

3. Put Products on Display With High Lumen Flex Strips in Cabinet Spaces

The best way to showcase new products is to light up their displays. Install high lumen flex strips in dark, recessed displays to add instant brightness and attention-getting pizzazz to your latest product or service.

4. High Lumen Flex Strips Direct Light to Your Patio, Not the Yards of Nearby Residents

When used outdoors, high lumen flex strips are perfect for businesses located close to residential areas. Direct light where you want it, like your patio, without adding to light pollution or disturbing your neighbors.

5. Accent Wall Space or Fixtures With Flexible LED Strips

Empty wall space is boring, but unlit wall space is even worse. Add to the illusion of a bigger, larger environment by using high lumen flex strips to accent walls or décor, drawing in more customers and boosting return on investment.

6. Use LED Flexible Strips on Your Business Vehicle

Are you looking for a way to improve safety and security when delivering product or driving around town in the company vehicle? Add LED flex strips to the interior of your vehicle to help your staff see when making deliveries or loading products and materials.

7. Create an Illuminated Dance Floor

Depending on your business, a dance floor or bar may be in order. Add light to the dancefloor by installing high lumen strips around its perimeter or behind opaque or clear tiles. This idea is also great for use in bathrooms.

8. Use High Lumen Flex Strips Behind TVs

If TVs are present, do not waste the space behind them. Draw attention to wall items or the TVs themselves by installing high lumen flex strips oriented toward the wall. It will make a TV wall pop with light, providing an excellent contrast in an otherwise dark area.

Take Advantage of the Savings and Versatility by Choosing High Lumen Flex Strip LEDs for Your Next Project

High lumen flex strips boast wide versatility and reap savings up to 80% of the operating cost of incandescent lights, says the U.S. Department of Energy. Regardless of what you plan for your business, the odds are good that high lumen flexible LEDs can be adapted to your needs. Take advantage of their versatility and savings by choosing MX LightForce for your LED light strip needs in your business today. Visit MX LightForce.com, or call 1 (800) 624-0863 to get started.