Bringing Light to the Application of Constant Voltage LED Drivers with Flexible LED Strips

Flexible LED light strips in business or home applications is usually a more cost-effective option. However, choosing the right lighting can be confusing as homeowners, business owners or architects need to know several details (i.e. what type of LED driver is necessary to power the strip, and strip length, amongst other factors). Moreover, not understanding some of the basic facts about constant voltage versus constant current LED drivers can increase the risk for injury or other hazards.

What Exactly Are Constant Voltage LED Drivers?

Constant voltage LED drivers to provide a consistent output voltage to connected LED light strips or LED lights. While the input power from an electrical socket may be 120 V, the LED driver converts it to a lower-voltage output, allowing the use of several strips simultaneously. In addition, the current may vary, depending on the specific design of the light strip.

Why Is Having Constant Voltage LED Drivers Superior to Constant Current LED Drivers?

Opinions vary on what type of LED driver is superior. Some may argue for constant voltage, but others may prefer constant current. While these terms appear interchangeable, they reflect different changes in the electrical design and output of the LED driver. LED light strips requiring constant voltage drivers may have an increased life expectancy when compared to constant current strips, and, constant voltage LED drivers can connect multiple strips regardless of each strips’ resistors, providing dimmability and more options. This means installation is simpler and requires fewer components. Constant voltage LED drivers may also be less expensive than constant current drivers.

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Are LED Drivers Interchangeable Between Constant Voltage and Constant Current LED Light Strips?

Unless specifically noted otherwise, each LED light product will specify the type of LED driver required to function. Although some LED lights may function with an incompatible driver, they will be susceptible to premature failure and will have increased fire or other hazards. In other words, strips requiring a constant voltage cannot function properly with a varying voltage and therefore, using the proper power source is essential to maintaining the durability, integrity and cost efficiency of your LED strips.

Ensure Your LED Light Strip or Lighting Needs Are Compatible Today.

Purchasing LED light strips or LED lights is an investment, and you should protect that investment. Make sure that the power supply is the correct type for your LED light team product (this is  typically required by most manufacturers’ warranties or guarantees). If you need additional help selecting the type of LED driver for your needs, visit MX today.