Comparing LED Flex Strips to Standard Lighting: 5 Considerations

LEDs have strong benefits over standard incandescent lighting, including using less energy and releasing less heat. Business owners comparing LED flex strips to standard lighting can reap even more savings by understanding the top ways LED flex strips excel over traditional lighting systems.

1. Comparing LED Flex Strips to Standard Lighting Begins With Understanding Your Space and Project

Before assessing the benefits of LED flex strips over traditional lighting, business-owners must take into account a few LED-specific considerations, including space and project requirements. Will space require direct illumination, or will backlighting suffice? Will the elements affect the project and lighting system? The answers to these questions are essential to properly compare LED flex strips to standard lighting.

2. LED Flex Strips Have a Lifespan 25× Greater than Standard Lighting

Unlike traditional lights, LED flex strips have an extensive lifespan. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LEDs may last up to 25× longer than incandescent bulbs.

3. LEDs Require Less Energy

LED lights use less energy than incandescent lights as well. Depending on the length of the LED flex strip and its running time, LEDs use between 25% and 80% less energy. They are also more durable and safer than their incandescent predecessors.

4. LEDs Are Brighter than Incandescent Lights

LEDs are inherently brighter than incandescent lights and have a wider range of light temperatures. While incandescent bulbs may have soft white, white, and bright ratings, LEDs have subtle variations that gradually move from a warm, yellowish light to a bluish, bright focal light. The tape-like design of LED flex strips allows for versatile use and directing of light to a specific area. This feature eliminates the wasted light associated with incandescent bulbs, which produce a 360° angle of light. If necessary, LED light strips can be installed to provide the same amount of light, but they can be narrowed to the smallest of areas.

5. LEDs Produce the Proper Lumen Output Immediately

Having ample light is essential to security, safety, and other business activities, and LEDs do not require a heat-up time to reaching their maximum lumen output. When turned on, LEDs produce the desired amount of light at once.

Choose LED Flex Strips over Standard Lighting for Your Next Project

A successful business owner understands the value of small changes to increase profitability, and by comparing LED flex strips to standard lighting, business-owners can learn to take advantage of the benefits of LED flex strips to drive savings. Visit MX today to find out more about using LED flex strips in your next project.