A Guide to Buying the Appropriate LED Driver

Deciding to install LED lights can save big bucks, but the evolving LED lighting market is still difficult to navigate. Do you need a power supply, and what exactly is an LED driver? Do you need a TRIAC dimmer and, if not, how do the lights connect to the power supply? Does it simply plug in or are soldering wires necessary? Rather than letting these questions “turn you off” from LED lights, use this guide to help you when thinking about buying the appropriate LED driver.

Before Buying the Appropriate LED Driver, Determine the Compatibility of Your LED Tape Lights

Determining the compatibility of your LED light and LED driver should be your top priority when buying the appropriate LED driver. As explained by  Scott Barner via LEDs Magazine, the two fundamental types of LED drivers include constant current and constant voltage so make sure the driver matches the strip’s specifications.

What Is Its Maximum Output?

The maximum output is another key consideration when buying the right LED driver. After determining the wattage requirement per set length, multiply it by the total number of set lengths in the strip. If the required wattage is within the range of the LED driver and then the driver is suitable.led driver

Is It Dimmable?

Before purchasing an LED driver, consider dimmability, which may be lacking in some LED drivers which will allow you to dim your lighting for a specific mood or application.

What Is the Driver’s Life Expectancy?

The runtime length is the final consideration when searching for the right LED driver. LED lights are energy-efficient, even when running for extended periods, but certain light strips may require a different power source when running for more than a standard working day or evening, explains Maury Wright of LEDs Magazine. This is an important consideration when using LEDs in commercial applications; as a result, it is best to review the driver’s life expectancy and consider the warranty. Poor-quality drivers may not even have a warranty.

Let the Experts Help You Find the Right LED Driver Today

LED drivers can vary significantly and may have different compatibility specifications. By understanding the most common considerations when buying LED drivers, you can avoid the confusion. you need the find the appropriate LED driver to buy, visit MX LightForce.com and an LED lighting expert can help you make the right selection, the first time.