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LED Lights in office

Using LED Lights During the Fall to Retrofit Your Business and Improve Safety

Fall is a time of changing foliage and a trek toward the frigid nights of winter. Although the gradual declining daylight hours during the fall allude to the holidays’ arrival, they may be the harbinger of injuries and added costs to your business. Instead of focusing solely on holiday sales, think about these three reasons fall is perfect for retrofitting your business with LED lights to improve safety. 1. LED Lights Improve Safety of Your Walkways Low-light in outdoor and indoor customer areas might be excellent for relaxing, but it can increase risk of falls. According to Occupational and Safety ...
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LED Lighting Transformer

Your Guide to LED Lighting Transformers

LED lighting transformers, or LED transformers, are a type of power supply used for LED lighting fixtures, strips, and designs. Although the name sounds like a high-voltage electrical system, modern LED transformers are often low-voltage and offer superior performance for joint LED and halogen designs or extensive LED lighting setups. Follow the below steps to ensure you select the right LED power supply for your project. Consider Installation Factors When Selecting From Available LED Lighting Transformers The simplest factor to consider goes back to ease of installation. LED lighting transformers may require a few additional steps during installation to hide ...
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A Guide to Buying the Appropriate LED Driver

Deciding to install LED lights can save big bucks, but the evolving LED lighting market is still difficult to navigate. Do you need a power supply, and what exactly is an LED driver? Do you need a TRIAC dimmer and, if not, how do the lights connect to the power supply? Does it simply plug in or are soldering wires necessary? Rather than letting these questions “turn you off” from LED lights, use this guide to help you when thinking about buying the appropriate LED driver. Before Buying the Appropriate LED Driver, Determine the Compatibility of Your LED Tape Lights ...
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Using LED Tape Lights

Using LED Tape Lights to Provide Backlighting: A 10 Step Guide to Installation

Both residential and commercial applications can benefit from using LED tape lights for backlighting. Although LED tape light installation may seem complicated, it is much easier than many realize. Most LED tape lights follow a similar pattern of installation and connection to a dimmer, if preferred, as well as a power source. To make your next LED tape lights’ do-it-yourself (DIY) project a success, follow these steps to install. 1. Clean the Surface and Gather Your Supplies Successful installation begins with cleaning the surface properly and gathering the necessary supplies. Remove all dust and debris from the area where the ...
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led lights

How to Choose LED Drivers and LED Power Supplies

LED lights have grown in popularity due to their extensive lifespan, durability and better quality than traditional, incandescent lights. As explained by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), energy-efficient LED lights may last up to 25 times longer and use 75-percent less electricity, making them an ideal solution for residential and commercial lighting applications. However, LEDs are slightly more complicated than traditional lights. According to LEDs Magazine, to ensure your LED lights last and suit your needs, you need to know how to choose LED drivers and power supplies What Type of LED Lights Is Being Used? Before selecting an ...
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LED Drivers

Why Use LED Drivers Rather Than Electronic Transformers?

LED lights are an excellent addition to a home or business setting, but the key to achieving the perfect light-balance in your setting lies in using the proper power supply. There are two dominant types of power supplies available for LED lights, LED drivers and electronic transformers. However, these power supplies may not necessarily be interchangeable, and you need to understand why using LED drivers may be a better choice than electronic transformers. How Are LED Drivers Different From Electronic Transformers? LED drivers function. By providing a consistent voltage to the LED light strip, and the current supplied to the LED lighting setup changes to allow for dimming or ...
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LED Strip Lights cost

Are LED Strip Lights Cost-Effective? A Comparison

The annual energy savings from LED strip lights cost amount to more than $44 billion, explains the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), but many wonder how these savings are possible. While initial costs may be higher, LED strip lights cost significantly less than incandescent, CFL and halogen lights, and you need to know why. Initial Installation of LED Strip Lights Cost More Than Traditional Incandescent Lights Think about the costs of traditional, incandescent lights. You have a lamp and the individual light bulbs. The cost of bulbs and sockets alone may be minimal, yet the installing LED strip lights cost may be higher, including the cost of a power supply, ...
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LED Transformer

What Exactly Does an LED Transformer Do?

The use of LED light strips is increasing, and by 2035, LED lights are expected to become the dominant type of lighting installation in both consumer-facing and industrial markets, reports the U.S. Department of Energy. However, the long lifespan of LED lighting systems requires proper installation and an appropriate power source. While LED drivers are a type of power supply, certain types of LED lighting systems may require an LED transformer, and you need to know why. What Is an LED Transformer? An LED transformer is a type of power supply for LED lighting systems. Unlike LED drivers, LED transformers ...
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LED Tape lights

5 Ways to Set the Right Outdoor Atmosphere With LED Tape Lights

As of 2014, the use of LED tape lights in outdoor areas has risen 75-percent more than the use of traditional, incandescent lighting sources, reports the U.S. Department of Energy, and the sheer volume of LED light strips and lighting systems in production today suggests the trend will continue at a faster pace. But, figuring out the best way to use LED light strips in outdoor environments can seem overwhelming, So, consider how LED tape lights, also known as LED Strip Lights, can create the right outdoor atmosphere in these ways. Adjustable LED Tape Lights Are Perfect for the Backyard, Creating ...
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LED lighting

LED Lighting: What Does the Future Hold?

The use of LED light strips is increasing across all industries and applications. New designers and architects are creating new task, focal and recreational lighting systems using LEDs, such as the Nova Modular Suspension System by Edge Lighting, reports Lightology.com, and this trend shows no signs of stopping. LED lighting and flexible light strips can also create unique lines or patterns of illumination without significant investment or the lengthy construction and installation demands of traditional incandescent lighting designs. In addition, the use of technology to create smart homes and businesses will further this trend toward building a bigger, brighter future in LED lighting. But, ...
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