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LED Strip Lights cost

Are LED Strip Lights Cost-Effective? A Comparison

The annual energy savings from LED strip lights cost amount to more than $44 billion, explains the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), but many wonder how these savings are possible. While initial costs may be higher, LED strip lights cost significantly less than incandescent, CFL and halogen lights, and you need to know why. Initial Installation of LED Strip Lights Cost More Than Traditional Incandescent Lights Think about the costs of traditional, incandescent lights. You have a lamp and the individual light bulbs. The cost of bulbs and sockets alone may be minimal, yet the installing LED strip lights cost may be higher, including the cost of a power supply, ...
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LED Transformer

What Exactly Does an LED Transformer Do?

The use of LED light strips is increasing, and by 2035, LED lights are expected to become the dominant type of lighting installation in both consumer-facing and industrial markets, reports the U.S. Department of Energy. However, the long lifespan of LED lighting systems requires proper installation and an appropriate power source. While LED drivers are a type of power supply, certain types of LED lighting systems may require an LED transformer, and you need to know why. What Is an LED Transformer? An LED transformer is a type of power supply for LED lighting systems. Unlike LED drivers, LED transformers ...
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LED Tape lights

5 Ways to Set the Right Outdoor Atmosphere With LED Tape Lights

As of 2014, the use of LED tape lights in outdoor areas has risen 75-percent more than the use of traditional, incandescent lighting sources, reports the U.S. Department of Energy, and the sheer volume of LED light strips and lighting systems in production today suggests the trend will continue at a faster pace. But, figuring out the best way to use LED light strips in outdoor environments can seem overwhelming, So, consider how LED tape lights, also known as LED Strip Lights, can create the right outdoor atmosphere in these ways. Adjustable LED Tape Lights Are Perfect for the Backyard, Creating ...
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LED lighting

LED Lighting: What Does the Future Hold?

The use of LED light strips is increasing across all industries and applications. New designers and architects are creating new task, focal and recreational lighting systems using LEDs, such as the Nova Modular Suspension System by Edge Lighting, reports Lightology.com, and this trend shows no signs of stopping. LED lighting and flexible light strips can also create unique lines or patterns of illumination without significant investment or the lengthy construction and installation demands of traditional incandescent lighting designs. In addition, the use of technology to create smart homes and businesses will further this trend toward building a bigger, brighter future in LED lighting. But, ...
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Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Bringing Light to the Application of Constant Voltage LED Drivers with Flexible LED Strips

Flexible LED light strips in business or home applications is usually a more cost-effective option. However, choosing the right lighting can be confusing as homeowners, business owners or architects need to know several details (i.e. what type of LED driver is necessary to power the strip, and strip length, amongst other factors). Moreover, not understanding some of the basic facts about constant voltage versus constant current LED drivers can increase the risk for injury or other hazards. What Exactly Are Constant Voltage LED Drivers? Constant voltage LED drivers to provide a consistent output voltage to connected LED light strips or LED lights ...
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LED Lighting manufacturer

Why OEMs Partnering With an LED Lighting Manufacturer Deliver a Desired Product

Getting a compatible LED lighting product, such as a power supply, is essential in order to extend the life expectancy and the quality of LED light strips. Unfortunately, the market has now become saturated with sub-par manufacturers and fly-by-night suppliers. OEMs therefore need to know why partnering with an LED lighting manufacturer delivers the right, desired product. LED Lighting Is Becoming Part of the Internet of Things One of the key innovations in LED lighting is the applications within the Internet of Things (IoT). As explained by LEDs Magazine, the major LED lighting manufacturer, Leedarson, has already taken steps with ...
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solid state lighting

The Current and Future State in SSL (Solid State Lighting)

Solid-State Lighting Adds Value Through Customization and Use in Data Analytics. SSL holds great promise for architects, designers, home owners, and businesses. It has an exceptionally long life and requires less energy to operate, which makes it intrinsically safer than traditional lighting for a wide range of applications, explains the Lighting Research Center.  Now paired with recent developments that allow  SSL to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), it is also of growing importance to facility managers looking for ways to reduce costs, despite higher initial costs than expected. Although these initial costs may include a power supply, inverter, ...
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LED Lighting Supply

Speed, Price, Quality: Why Lighting Wholesalers Need Trusted LED Lighting Supply Manufacturing Pros

Lighting wholesalers have faced many struggles with the rise of the internet and international trade. Scams involving LED lighting can exist in plain sight, and some manufacturers are unable to meet basic order requirements, including getting a product on time, at the right price and without sacrificing quality. Let’s take a closer look at why lighting wholesalers require trusted LED lighting supply professionals. LED Lighting Supply Needs Are Often an After-Thought The first problem that comes up when looking for an LED lighting supplier involves the power supply. Many people forget that this is an essential component in best using ...
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LED Lightstrips

The Top 7 Applications for LED Tapelights/LED Strips

LED tapelights/strips are among the most in-demand lights in the market today. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, this is due to low heat emissions, setting the direction of light and maximizing space. LED tapelights several uses, limited only by the imagination! Some of their most dominant and striking applications, including architectural uses, include the following. 1. Path Lighting With LED Tapelights Reduce Risk of Injury The LED lights reduce the risk of injury on pathways in the dark Safety is a top priority for businesses and private citizens alike. LED tapelights can illuminate the darkest, most winding paths. They are suitably durable ...
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4 Reasons That Proper LED Power Supply Or Driver Can Make Or Break Your LED Lighting Product

LEDs are versatile and can meet a range of lighting needs. Depending on the manufacturer and temperature settings, a LED light strip can either accent space with a soft, warm glow or, create a futuristic, cool environment. Often, the terms “LED driver” and “LED power supply” can lead to confusion. Although the terms are now used interchangeably, using the wrong type of driver could lead to premature strip failure and safety hazards ...
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